TCBS welcomes new contributor

Happy April everyone!  As Spring gets in full swing my enthusiasm for theater is in high gear.  Seeing actors, young and old, jump on stage and bring stories to life brings me as much enjoyment as the flowers blooming.  I do not claim to be a five-star critic or a Hollywood actress, but I do love to watch an individual bring a character to life with their own flare and artfulness.

I love live theater and have been blessed over the years to support local theater and Broadway.  I prefer to watch local actors grow their talents on the local stage.  If not for local theater companies many child, and adults, would never take the leap and join the stage.  Lifelong relationships, communication and interaction skills are taught and learned in these environments.  With that, I encourage each of you to spend an evening in your local community theater, take your family and enjoy the shows.  Who knows, you or your family may just be inclined to join in the festivities of an upcoming performance.

Daisy Lewis

“The play is not in the words, it’s in you” -Stella Adler


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