Upcoming Auditions! Kingsport

The Kingsport Theatre Guild will be holding auditions for a special production of Princess Diana, the Musical on March 27 & 28 at the Renaissance Center.  Information from the KTG Facebook event is as follows:

Auditions: March 27 & 28, 6-9 p.m. Please be prepared to spend some time with us as you audition acting, dancing and singing skills.

CALLBACKS (if needed): March 30 @ 6

Rehearsals are generally in the evening and will vary based on characters involvement. Principals will need to plan 4-5 rehearsals a week, Supporting cast 2-3 rehearsals a week. We try to avoid Wednesday and weekend rehearsals as much as possible, but actual scheduling will depend on cast availability. Rehearsals will begin April 3. The first two weeks will be focused on dialect with the entire cast, then we will move on to music and dance and then total blocking. We have a rehearsal CD with tracks but will have a live band for tech week and shows.

Show Dates:
June 15, 16, 17 @ 7
June 17, 18 @ 2

Cast of Characters listed below the synopsis.

Book by Karen Sokolof Javitch and Elaine Jabenis
Music and Lyrics by Karen Sokolof Javitch

SYNOPSIS: Princess Diana, the Musical tells the story of Charles and Diana, focusing on their courtship, their marriage and her relationship with the public and the rest of the royal family. The musical culminates with her divorce, but ends after her tragic death. As the musical progresses, it portrays the evolution of the young Diana into the intelligent, mature woman who became the most famous woman in the world.

The show begins when the seventeen-year old Lady Diana Spencer is invited to Prince Charles’ thirtieth birthday gala. Here we also meet the other key players – his parents – the Queen and Prince Philip and his grandmother – the Queen Mother. Charles is frustrated because his parents are applying pressure on him to find a suitable young woman to marry. Although Diana “fancies” Charles, they don’t go out together until he invites her to a barbecue eighteen month later.

From this point on, the story is well-known: the romance, the wedding, the cold welcome into the royal family, his desperation at her rising popularity, her desperation to be a loved and loving wife. Camilla is seen briefly in the musical, and though her presence throughout is felt, it is not explicit – manifesting itself solely in the words, deeds and thoughts that Charles and Diana share. Fergie, Diana’s sister-in-law, is Diana’s close friend and confidant throughout the show.

The musical has a bias towards Diana – it tells her story. But Charles and the senior Royal Family are not portrayed as the “villains of the piece.” They are seen more as people with various expectations and needs which are either too rigidly enforced or not sufficiently explained to others.

That being said, the musical is a look at Diana’s complicated life and the songs reflect that diversity. There are 28 songs, ranging from inspirational to comedic to romantic, with humour, laughter and love. The ballad that will bring tears to the eyes of all Princess Diana lovers is “There Was a Time,” which reiterates the fact that while she loved Prince

Charles, there are doubts that he ever loved her. You will leave this musical humming “Hope in My Heart,” for that is truly what Princess Diana gave to us.



NARRATOR: ………………………. He can play multiple roles. Any age. (31 lines.)

PRINCESS DIANA Ages from 17-36. (283 lines. 19 songs.)

PRINCE CHARLES Ages from 30-49. (217 lines. 12 songs.)

THE QUEEN Charles’ mother, Queen Elizabeth. (61 lines. 5 songs.)

PRINCE PHILIP Charles’ father and the Queen’s husband. (30 lines. 5 songs.)

QUEEN MUM Charles’ grandmother. The Queen’s mother. (68 lines. 4 songs.)


CAMILLA PARKER-BOWLES A former girlfriend of Charles’. (10 lines.)

LORD MOUNTBATTEN ….. Charles’ uncle. (9 lines. One line in one song.)

FERGIE ….. Sarah Ferguson, Diana’s friend and future sister-in-law. Ages 17-36. (48 lines. 3 songs.)

MICHAEL….. Prince Charles’ attendant (22 lines.)

ANNE….. Diana’s flat mate, 19 years old. (5 lines. 3 songs. )

CAROLYN….. Diana’s flat mate, 19 years old. (9 lines. 3 songs.)

BEAUTY EDITOR Female. (13 lines. 1 song.)

VICTOR Diana’s dress designer. (39 lines. 2 songs.)

DUDLEY Hat designer. (16 lines. 2 songs.)

PHOTOGRAPHER (8 lines. 1 song.)

JANE Diana’s older sister. (16 lines. 2 songs.)

SARAH Diana’s older sister. (10 lines. 1 song.)

EMCEE (7 lines. 1 song.)

2 SHOO-WOP GIRLS (1 is SALON ASSISTANT) … (4 lines) “Style” song

PRINCE WILLIAM 12-14 years old. Diana and Charles’ oldest son. (24 lines. 3 songs)

PRINCE HARRY 10-12 years old. Diana and Charles’ youngest son. (No lines. 2 songs)

WAITERS 2 males.

PAPARAZZI 4 or more men & women.

TABLOID PEOPLE 3 or more people.

HOSPITAL STAFF…………………… Staff includes 2-3 people who greet Princess Diana.

MAN WITH AIDS One sick man at the hospital who is given a hug by the Princess.


We do not see any specifics regarding audition requirements.  We recommend contacting the KTG via Facebook or email if you or someone you know may be interested in auditioning to see what you may or may not need to bring with you.



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